Dithered profile picture I'm Johan, a Software Engineer based in the Malmö area of southern Sweden.


I'm currently employed at Cisco Meraki and have a MSc in Computer Science from LTH.

I am a learner at heart. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and to learn from others. I try to be humble and to keep a growth mindset.

I have a strong track record for being a force multiplier with wide technical depth, able to deliver large software projects as part of a team or independently.

I enjoy thorough code reviews and being part of a team with common goals. When I find a place that I like, I tend to stick around for a long time.

I have yet to find a software nische that I can consider devoting my entire career to, so I'm open for most opportunities. :)

My experience is mainly related to the following topics:

  • Embedded application development
  • Backend & cloud infrastructure
  • Infrastructure as code
  • CI pipelines
  • Software architecture
  • Machine learning (Computer Vision)
  • ML Operations
  • Developer Workflows / Experience

Some technologies that I enjoy working with / have experience in:

  • C++, C, Python, Ruby, Nix
  • Lua, Rust, Elixir, JavaScript
  • Redis, PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Kubernetes, Terraform, AWS
  • Tensorflow, Numpy, OpenCV
  • Git, Gitlab, Jenkins, Yocto

For anything career related, please reach out over Email or LinkedIn (see below).


Where to find me