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An archive of code I have written for fun.



Highly recommended exercises for learning Rust!


Protobuf IPC demo

A short C++ demo on sending protobuf payloads over IPC.

#protobuf, #c++

Personal Cloud Infrastructure

My personal cloud infrastructure. I use this together with rclone to back up my most precious digital belongings, such as family photos and personal databases.

#terraform, #cicd


Stable Diffusion with Nix

A Nix flake for running Stable Diffusion with an NVIDIA GPU.

#nix, #machine-learning

Pix: a terminal image viewer in Rust

A terminal utility for viewing images in your terminal. Uses foreground / background colors for text to print the image in ASCII.

#rust, #cli-tools


CNN heatmap

A Jupyter notebook / blog post explaining some core concepts in convolutional neural networks, in particular how perceptive fields work.

Source #machine-learning, #keras, #python

Photo library organization script

A Python script to organize photos by date, sourced from EXIF data and filenames.

#python, #exif, #photography

Word histograms

A Python script to count words from a set of documents. I wrote this because I was really enthtralled with Ed Stafford's vocabulary from his TV Show Ed Stafford: First Man Out.

HN comments blocker Firefox extension

A Firefox extension to block the user from reading Hacker News comments before having read the linked content. An attempt at forcing me to actually read the posted content, before reading the Hacker News hivemind opinion.


A terminal game in C for advancing your typing speed

A quick prototype game with ncurses to improve your typing speed.

Source #c, #ncurses

A terminal utility for looking up Swedish word definitions

While I was learning Swedish intricacies and old fashione words, I developed this tool to quickly look up definitions from the terminal.

Source #python

A terminal utility for fetching local public transport information

This was a tool I made at LTH in order to get a fast retrieval of when my next bus was about to leave.

Source #javascript, #nodejs


Game of life

An interactive version of Conway's Game of Life. Holding Control and moving your cursor around willl activate the cells, thus triggering the automaton.


#javascript, #cellular-automaton

A "peer-to-peer" library web app

Source #rails, #ruby